Mayfield girls strike gold

Posted: 10th May 2023

A team of Lower Sixth pupils from Mayfield School have received a coveted Gold Award for their
experimental project work in this year’s British Physics Olympiad competition, placing them in the
top four nationally.
The girls’ inventive project simulated asteroids hitting the surface of the moon by using 3D printed
spheres as asteroids and flour to act as the moon’s surface. Lower Sixth pupil Megan explains, “By
3D printing our own spheres, we could easily change variables such as the density or radius of the
asteroid, as well as the height at which it was dropped from, allowing us to simulate many different
scenarios which may occur in real life.” Their innovative techniques impressed the judging panel and
landed them the Gold Award.
Last week Megan, Evangeline and Elizabeth travelled to the Royal Society in London to receive their
award. Megan said, “I found the experience incredibly valuable and enjoyed the opportunity to
produce an extended report based on research I had conducted in a student-led team. I learnt a lot
about different experimental techniques and developed problem-solving skills, both of which are
essential for development as a scientist. The experience helped me to confirm my aspirations of
studying an experimental subject at university and moving on to a career in research.”
Dr Darragh Corvan, Head of Physics at Mayfield, said: “I am delighted by the girls’ achievements.
They have worked so hard and came up with creative solutions to the problems they were faced
with. It is a real testimony to what curiosity and engagement with Physics and STEM can achieve.

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