Our range of annual conferences, both virtual and face-to-face, are aimed at individual boarding job roles and focus on a contemporary theme involving keynote speakers and breakout sessions.

Our face-to-face conferences also typically include a formal dinner, exhibitors and time for networking.


For more information on our conferences, please visit our main events calendar.

Conference Archive


  • Digital safeguarding conference February 9, 2022
    Running alongside Safer Internet Day 2022, February 08, this conference highlights the importance of understanding the positives and pitfalls attributed to the internet, device use and social media when it comes to safeguarding. An often cited point of disconnect and disagreement between young people and professionals, lonely or isolated individuals and those trying to support, digital safeguarding is an area that needs increased awareness and understanding.
  • BSA / BAISIS International conference 2022: March 8, 2022
    The international market is ever-changing so it’s important to stay ahead of the curve to ensure your international students continue to receive the very best support and that your school remains compliant with regulations. We’ll be discussing everything from conflict management to biliteracy, social media use to vocabulary development, and the latest visa and immigration headlines.
  • Annual Health and Wellbeing conference July 10, 2022
    A focus on Anxiety and Inclusivity – prevention, symptoms, support and how to ensure that sufferers are able to fulfil their potential through an inclusive approach.


  • International Student University Day Sept 27 – Click here to order
    The event addresses feedback from international pupils at BSA schools on their concerns about entering university and is aimed at Year 10, 11, 12 and 13 international students as well as Heads of Careers, HE advisors and Heads of EAL.  The day is completely free of charge and schools may send as many members of staff and students as they wish.
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  • Visa and Immigration Conference Oct 10 – Click here to order
    For schools who sponsor international students, keeping up to date with an ever-changing immigration law landscape whilst navigating complex sponsor licence requirements can be burdensome. Our autumn BSA and BAISIS Visa and Immigration conference brings delegates the latest in visas and immigration relevant to the education sector, direct from the experts. Addressing key issues from our members including changes to the Student and Child Student visa route, Student Sponsor Licence best practice, key CAS considerations and what to expect from Home Office (UKVI) inspections, select sessions combine to provide a holistic, sector-specific update. Delegates will hear from a host of experts and practitioners to develop wider knowledge, understanding and best practice around this critical area of compliance. BSA and BAISIS will facilitate questions directly from members to our experts, including Home Office representatives, throughout the day and encourage delegates to come prepared with questions for our panels.
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  • Sports Injuries Conference Oct 18 – Click here to order
    This sports injury course covers types of injuries around the body, including their cause and treatments. The holder will gain a thorough understanding of how to prevent and minimise injuries that occur during sports pursuits.
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  • EDI Conference Nov 1 – Click here to order
    This one-day online conference will focus on creating a culture of equity and care in order to help us explore the complexities of EDI Issues. This event seeks to challenge our thinking and help to drive effective strategy forward in our schools. We will hear from engaging speakers who work in a wide range of areas linked to EDI. In each session, the common theme will be how we can create safe, accepting and caring cultures in our schools where all pupils are treated equitably.
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  • Irish Boarding Conference Nov 21 – Click here to order
    Our annual conference brings together schools from across the island of Ireland and aims to share updates on current boarding issues from key members of the BSA team and external expert speakers, as well as giving networking opportunities with other colleagues working in boarding. The conference is suitable for anyone in a boarding role, and traditionally has a good mix of both school leaders and other boarding practitioners.
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  • Annual Safeguarding Conference Nov 22 – Click here to order
    This year’s SACPA and BSA Annual Safeguarding Conference promises to bring a day packed with expert speakers from a range of disciplines and perspectives who aim to inform, challenge, and invigorate delegates on a range of key and contemporary safeguarding topics and learning.Addressing key issues from our members, sessions will consider the current safeguarding landscape the conference closes with the awards ceremony for SACPA Annual Safeguarding Awards.SACPA and BSA will facilitate questions directly from members to our experts throughout the day and encourage delegates to come prepared with questions for our panels.
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