In-House Consultancy Service

BSA Group’s ‘In House’ consultancy service supports boarding schools worldwide with projects related to any aspect of boarding or safeguarding.

Since 2016, this service has completed projects in the UK, France, Switzerland, Ireland, Russia and the USA. Project topics have included:

  • Boarding audits
  • Boarding staffing models
  • Safeguarding audits
  • Market development
  • Facilities audits

BSA members enjoy a 25% discount on consultancy prices. If you are interested in this In House service, please contact Bethan Waddington, Head of Events, CPD and Consultancy, via

BSA physical security health check

As part of our consultancy services, we now offer a physical security health check, which includes a site visit to assess access and egress control, perimeter resistance and supporting technologies, focusing particularly on boarding houses and procedures. Boarding houses are often sites of high traffic and can be separate from the main school area or site altogether, but security is very important. The security health check can include an optional resilience check on unauthorised site access by an ex-police officer, as well as our recommendations based on the site visit.

For more details, please contact Bethan Waddington, Head of Events, CPD and Consultancy, via


Legal service

BSA’s staff lawyer Sabrina Kadi offers specialist support to member schools on immigration. This is a fee-based service with a 25% discount for BSA members. Sabrina also makes available five hours per week of free legal advice for schools, based on one hour per day, no more than one piece of advice per school and first come, first served. Where BSA is unable to offer advice directly it will refer members to ISBA, the Independent Schools Bursars Association. 

For more information, please contact Sabrina via