Why join BSA?

Membership of the Boarding Schools’ Association (BSA) entitles schools to a wide range of support and promotion initiatives:

This is the most comprehensive and interactive UK website devoted to boarding. Coupled with its high prominence on world-wide search engines, member schools are easily found by interested parents and pupils seeking a boarding school.

The unique feature of this website allows users to move automatically from the BSA Members’ UK Map to an individual school’s web sites or their information pages.

Membership types

There are various categories of membership, which are listed below, along with links to our application forms.

1. Full United Kingdom School Member

Full school membership is open to all schools with boarders which are accredited to the Independent Schools’ Council, to schools in membership of the Scottish Council of Independent Schools, and also to state maintained boarding schools (which may then also become members of the BSA State Boarding Forum).

Application Form


2. International School Member

International schools membership is open to boarding schools outside the UK, either as full or affiliate members.

Application Form

3. Affiliate Member

Affiliate membership is available to some UK schools which cannot demonstrate their quality yet or are not members of associations recognised by BSA.

Application Form


BSA Group Gold Membership Scheme

The BSA Group Gold Membership scheme for BSA schools which want joint membership of BSA, Sacpa (Safeguarding and Child Protection Association), BAISIS (British Association of Independent Schools with International Students) and Hieda (Health in Education Association) is generating lots of member interest. Schools pay an additional £450 (+ VAT if applicable) for Gold Membership and will automatically be enrolled in Sacpa, BAISIS and Hieda, as well as BSA. Schools joining as Gold Members will also be sent a logo they can use on their websites. Any schools interested in becoming a Gold Member should email us at bsa@boarding.org.uk. We can also advise on how individual schools which would like to upgrade their existing SacpaBAISIS or Hieda membership into full Gold Membership.

Please note that BSA Group does not cover any banking charges.