Boarding Paw-rents

Pets are an important part of boarding life and many animals become a much-loved part of the boarding house family. Meet the BSA pets who bring lots of joy to our lives and keep us company…




Pet name: Haggis (The OG BSA dog!)

Age: 5 years

Favourite activity: Running through the woods with the wind in my ears and chewing sticks. I am also partial to an afternoon nap.

Owner: Aileen Kane







Pet name: Roarie

Age: 2 years 

Favourite activity: Roarie is a two-year-old cockerpoo who loves nothing more than barking at the cat next door, chasing squirrels, going on long walks with his girlfriend Boo and lazing around all day on the sofa. He is also partial to chewing dirty socks and old slippers.

Owner: Robin Fletcher






Pet name: Milo

Age: 4 years 

Favourite activity: I love chasing after my ball and going on walks anywhere!

Owner: Ed Jones







Pet name: Kenny

Age: 11 years

Favourite activity: Barking, snacking and being King of the House!

Owner: Danielle Cuthbert






Pet name: Winston

Age: 2 and 1/2

Favourite activity: Going on adventures to the beach, camping, eating out and loads of cuddles!

Owner: Lily Boyden







Pet name: Buddy

Age: 3 years

Favourite activity: I love chasing squirrels (even if I can’t catch them) and sleeping on the sofa!

Owner: Jess Harris









Pet name: Blu

Age: 3 years

Favourite activity: Big hugs, pretending I’m a lap dog and playing with my human little sister <3

Owner: Abbey Adams







Pet name: Luna and Sirius [aka Bonkers Burmese]

Age: 6 and 2 years

Favourite activity: We like walking on the keyboard when our human is working and bringing her our favourite toy like dogs do and birdwatching

Owner: Claire Dan






Pet name: Bella

Age: 7 years

Favourite activity: Running in circles on a beach at 40 mph (I am an ex-racing greyhound) and then dozing for the rest of the day.

Owner: Caroline Nixon







Pet name: Aida 

Age: 10 weeks

Favourite activity: Exploring my new home and curling up on my human’s lap for a little snooze

Owner: Lottie Andrews 






Pet name:
: Lucy 

Age: 13 years 

Favourite activity: Favourite activities: Eating grass, sleeping on the best sofa, digging on the beach, sleeping on the second best sofa, destroying the bins.

Owner: David Walker 






Pet name: Ronny, Reggie & Tilly

Age: Ronny 9 years old, Reggie & Tilly 7 years old

Favourite activity: Ronny was first, then we had the twins born on Christmas Day they are all from the same father.  Ronny is the one with his tongue out, as it doesn’t fit, Tilly is in the middle then Reggie.

Owner: Laura Brain




Pet names: Olive and Maggie

Age: 12 weeks

Favourite activity: Chewing anything or anyone

Owner: Mark Robinson