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2020-21 Archive

Foundations for boarding school Governors webinar series, jointly run with AGBIS

1 – the roles and responsibilities

2 – collective governance

3 – how to question and challenge

4 – safeguarding (running live on April 30, 2021)

5 – the international market, working with Agents and Guardians (running live on June 01, 2021)

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Spring Term

Looking back, looking forward - spring/summer

This ‘Looking back, looking forward’ webinar, presented by BSA Group Chief Executive, Robin Fletcher, will provide a termly update on developments from the current term on the sector and headlines from the boarding sector ‘in tray’ to consider what’s happened and what we’ve learned from these developments and events. In reflecting on what the term has taught us, Robin will also consider what we could be considering and implementing as we move into the next term, to ensure that boarding excellence is constantly striven for, and BSA Group members are core to the development of the boarding, and indeed education, sector as a whole.
Robin will be joined by other members of the BSA Group leadership team and other guests depending on what headlines arise over the course of the term, to ensure that the audience hears from expert voices.

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Understanding and celebrating religions and beliefs in boarding schools

This webinar aims to empower participants to confidently plan boarding house, classroom or whole school activities and events around diverse beliefs and religions, in preparation for the Summer term 2021.
Lat will present ideas and materials to support and inspire staff. Creating an inclusive school for all protected characteristics is outlined in the Equality Act and feeds into many policies (anti-bullying, equal opportunities, RSE and inclusion). This webinar promotes activities and learning that support these standards. Lat’s approach is to illustrate from some of the challenging areas that religious inclusivity can present how to move – in your own setting – towards practice that affirms young people in their own identities, including a range of religious and non-religious identities.
Participants will gain a range of ideas and feel more confident to develop and plan for the summer term, and beyond, on ways inclusive of all religions and worldviews. A range of practical strategies to adopt or adapt will be described.

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Hearing each other's voices: towards an inclusive foreign language education

Foreign language education presents a particularly salient example of how national education systems have, and continue to, perpetuate hegemonic ideologies. Languages are often framed simply as tools for communication, channelling stereotypes of “foreignness” rather than challenging them. The focus on Western European languages establishes a perceived hierarchy, privileging these languages over others. In addition, foreign language curricula seldom reflect the diverse, dynamic and fluid reality of language users. 
This presentation will detail the powerful potential of translation to reinvigorate the role languages play in young people’s education. It will demonstrate how translation can teach students to critically engage with the world around them, question their assumptions and biases and develop their self-awareness. It will detail how translation reframes foreign language education as a valuable life skill, helping students to express and address assumptions as they engage with new languages and cultures, drawing on and sharing their own linguistic backgrounds and skills, ultimately creating an inclusive, mutually nurturing classroom environment. 

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Checking in - mental health and resilience self-assessment

The boarding environment, and education sector, are busy places to work and challenging environments in which to maintain a healthy work / life balance. Looking after yourself professionally and personally are key to healthy high performance. This webinar will highlight the importance of a self-awareness of personal and collective resilience and wellbeing, and deliver some thoughts and strategies on developing this.

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Autumn Term

Key boarding themes for 2021

“Key boarding themes for 2021” reflects on the state of the UK boarding market, how schools have adjusted for COVID-19 up to December 2020, and the main themes and lessons to think about for 2021. The webinar was led by Robin Fletcher, CEO BSA and BSA Group, and Aileen Kane, COO, BSA Group and Director, Sacpa.

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Promoting a mentally healthy school (joint webinar with AGBIS)

This webinar, run in association with AGBIS, offers suggestions and strategies that school Governors can use in order to promote a mentally health school for staff and students. Mental health lecturer and consultant, Victoria English, explains why positive action to promote good mental health across the school needs to come from the top, and involve all.

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Exploring modern Prep boarding

Ensuring the quality of your boarding, and planning for the future are vital to the sustainability of your boarding provision for younger pupils. Prep boarding is an area of the sector that caters to a specific need, for both parents and the pupils themselves. This webinar is an opportunity to consider how your school delivers against these needs, and how it can progress to keep up with trends.

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Building a triangle of trust: keeping in touch with boarding parents

More and more, boarding staff set the tone of a family’s journey with the school from the outset. This webinar will discuss ways in which to build that all important dotted line between home and school ensuring the whole community is kept as one. The webinar will address the importance of creating meaningful relationships with parents to ensure boarding schools really are an extension of the family home. This approach will make communicating with parents easier and more pleasant through routine updates, but also should times of challenge arise.

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The five steps: solutions to personal wellbeing

This webinar presents a comprehensive step-by-step personal wellbeing programme to maximise resilience, and social and academic success. Taking professionals through the steps to learn the tools and techniques to support pupils, this webinar will cover modern stressors for young people, promoting listening and questioning skills, use of body language and communication techniques.

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Are you ready for...Black History Month

The aim of the session is to provide information and resources for boarding staff to use in their Houses to promote awareness of Black History Month. Ensuring the young people in our care are equipped with cultural awareness and knowledge beyond their ‘normal’ is vital in preparing them for life beyond school.

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Promoting positive mental health: 'Toolkit for resilience for wellbeing'

This webinar focuses on how we can best look after our own mental health and resilience using the latest in neuroscience/positive psychology giving practical strategies which can help to reduce stress and alleviate burn out in education. Mentally well and resilient staff act as role models and examples to the students they live and work with, cultivating a community culture developing mental health resilience and a positive approach to managing the routine ups and downs of life.

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Safeguarding highlights for Governors

In association with AGBIS, this webinar covers the new additions to KCSIE 2020 and recent amendments to the Guidance for safer working practice… and online safety Government releases. This webinar provides Governors an overview regarding their safeguarding responsibilities and focuses on recent updates relevant to the sector, with due focus on ensuring appropriate responses to the safeguarding situation post-COVID. Aired live on September 09, 2020.

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'KCSIE' 2020 highlights for boarding staff

This webinar will increase familiarity with the impact of KCSIE on boarding practice in schools in England, and update colleagues with the 2020 changes. These changes put a much greater focus on mental health and wellbeing than before, and there is also a concentration of the relevant factors of the post-COVID response. Both of these additional factors are of particular relevance to practice in boarding schools.

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Start the school year with six essential emotional supports

No one has ever started a school year like this before, which adds dangerous unknowns to the assortment of mental health risk factors for our students. To date, schools have poured tremendous energy and creativity into redesigning their on-site and online curricula, extracurriculars, and campus protocols. But we must not assume that our students will transition easily. This workshop, co-hosted by two boarding school psychologists, will outline the six essential emotional supports that schools must have in place to ensure a smooth start for both on-site and online students.

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2019-20 Archive

Mobile phones in schools: how smartphones have changed the lives of school children and what we can do about it

Charlie Lovell from Yondr presents a potted history of social media and the smartphone along with some of the science behind the impact of children and young people. From sleep, attention, mood and mental health, the science behind smartphones and social media has a significant impact on everyone, and notably children. 

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BSA and Farrer & Co joint webinar: Risk assessments during COVID-19

BSA and Farrer & Co LLP collaborate to share information and issues relating to risk assessments during COVID-19. The hour-long webinar includes contributions from Robin Fletcher, Chief Executive at BSA, Katie Fudakowski, Partner at Farrer & Co LLP and Sophie Beesley from Old Square Chambers. 
Katie covers issues facing schools regarding risk assessments and Sophie addresses PI law relating to risk assessments and how the Courts might approach COVID-19 claims.

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Mental Health: lessons from lockdown

Lockdown has provided a unique opportunity to reconsider how we can optimise children’s mental health, reduce existing problems and prevent future problems. This webinar cuts to the chase and gives clear updated guidance on factors affecting mental health, including alcohol; exercise; outdoor time and exposure to news, and how they can be incorporated into schools.

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Strategically leading and flexing in response to the current challenging landscape

Educator and consultant Cath Bufton-Green takes school leaders through some processes to address, consider and start to action leadership concerns that have been caused by the current COVID-19 pandemic and widespread closure of boarding. Looking at change, communication, wellbeing and the future, this session gives leaders the opportunity to think about their role in their wider community.

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BSA /AGBIS webinar: Covid 19: Implications and issues for boarding school governors and senior leaders

In a COVID-19 world, why differentiating your school has never been more important

COVID-19 has presented unprecedented challenges in the education sector, but there are opportunities arising too. To be able to take advantage of opportunities that exist, one critical factor to consider is whether your school has a clear positioning in the market? Is it easy for prospective parents to see why your offer is really different from the school ‘down the road’ ? Led by Pat Moores, UK Education Guide, this webinar explores how to establish a clear market ‘positioning’ and considers key trends in the sector that may help inform this positioning and help better prepare your school to face future challenges.

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Is your website as good as it looks?

Good design isn’t enough to make your website rank and convert. Chris Knight, Managing Director of InnerMedia, runs through what Google and your users want from your website and examines what lies under your website hood. The webinar takes real life examples to demonstrate where schools can go wrong, and how to fix them for a boost in rankings.

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Planning and running a successful virtual Open Day

Learn how to blend your #ContentStrategy and technology to deliver a WOW Open Day experience: one that still fits with your wider strategy – and long term goals. This is a real opportunity to try something new and experiment. This webinar will cover how to plan a successful Open Day, considering virtual Admissions, formats, promotion, running the day and then nurturing prospects. Delivered by Interactive Schools.

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COVID-19 impact on schools: Home Office policy and practice

This webinar will cover the latest guidance published by the Home Office and will address the practical issues faced by schools and students. The session will be followed by a Q&A.

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Managing school closures: staying connected with parents

During a school closure, it is more important than ever to stay connected with families and parents. What information do your parents need to know? What are the best methods for sharing it with them? In this webinar led by former Deputy Head, Rob Eastment, from Firefly shares best practices to strengthen the home and school relationship, without overburdening teachers to ensure students have the support they need.

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Guardianship for international students in the UK

Do you know where your international students really are during exeats and holidays? There are currently no regulations in place around educational guardianship in the UK, and yet guardianship and care when students are away from both their homes and their schools is a crucial part of their wellbeing. This session provides an overview of best practice for guardianship services and provide an update on developments and requirements from schools and their involvement.

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Young people and Gaming

Designed for staff, governors and parents, this workshop focuses on “the good, the bad”, and the misunderstood in the world of young people and gaming. What are the main issues, should we be worried about gaming habits and dangers of addiction and what is the positive news for educators, including how gaming technology is shaping the future? The training aims to train pastoral staff, teachers and tutors at all levels of knowledge on delivering effective education as part of a PSHE curriculum looking at risk. With the current crisis affecting student time online, it is vital to identify and address the screen habits of different ages to look at a balanced and appropriate message, making this a vital piece of training!

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Workplace resilience and staff wellbeing

The mental health and wellbeing of both students and staff has been of increasing importance to schools in recent years, but the events of 2020 are bringing these to the fore.

To best support young people, the staff in our schools need to feel that their wellbeing is considered, and their mental health a priority. BSA Senior Consultant, Andrew Lewin, also a WRAW Master Practitioner, will give delegates a series of things to think about, as well as presenting the challenge of how to add resilience and wellbeing into the daily lives of themselves, and those around them: what do wellbeing, resilience and happiness mean to you?

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Preserving professional adult/student boundaries

This webinar, led by psychologist Dr Chris Thurber, addressed the importance of recognising the possible risks of overstepping what can be considered small or inconsequential boundaries in the professional space and with young people. Where major boundary breaches make headlines, if staff are consistently aware of their behaviour, irrespective of setting, and the possible misunderstanding of behaviours, we can reduce the risk of crossing boundaries becoming a concern and risk for the wellbeing of young people, and the professional reputation of staff.

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Preventing a social-emotional pandemic

Dr Chris Thurber shared the importance of supporting young people in creating a positive and healthy routine, especially in response to the current COVID-19 situation. The impact of social distancing, remote working/learning and fear of the unknown can have a significant impact on the emotional wellbeing of those around us. It is important to recognise and prioritise even small things that can have a positive result.

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Online safeguarding and emerging risks for educators

Hosted by Stella James from Gooseberry Planet, this webinar addresses the latest online trends, language and risks to be aware of to best safeguard the children in our care.

As one of the Government’s top 3 priorities, online safeguarding is hugely important and a ‘hot’ topic in education. With children now spending increasingly more time online and with more than half of them using social media before the age of the 10, it is vital that the younger generation are taught how to use the internet responsibly and are aware of the dangers found online. To do this successfully, boarding staff and teachers need to have a good understanding themselves.

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Coronavirus and wellbeing

Positive psychologist Ruth Hughes talked delegates through understanding how mental health issues can be triggered or exacerbated by the current COVID-19 situation. She shared examples of positive psychological interventions and how they can boost wellbeing, promote positive mental health and resilience as well as creating a tailored action plan using the PERMAH framework as a base.

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Tier 4 Sponsor Licence Tips

Presented by immigration law expert Nichola Carter, who advises numerous schools, universities and other sponsors on Tier 4 compliance, this webinar covers the main duties a sponsor must comply with, how to assign a CAS, UKVI’s rules on parental consent and safeguarding and how to pass a UKVI inspection.

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Teaching Students to Fail

Dr Chris Thurber from Prep4School discusses how to use failure as an opportunity for character development. Failure is natural, educational, and essential for character development. Yet despite unambiguous research on the value of gritty learning from persistent failure, our educational system rewards perfection. The result is a cohort of students who lack resilience, who report high levels of stress and burn-out, and who implode under pressure. Transform pedagogy and boost achievement at your school by adopting a growth mindset, teaching perseverance, and mining failures for nuggets of wisdom. Only by teaching students to fail can we ensure true success in life.

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Responding to Issues of Peer-on-Peer Abuse Webinar

This webinar examines the principles and details of the ‘sexual violence and sexual harassment’ guidance, the Brook Traffic Light Tool for assessing harmful sexual behaviour and ways to respond, report and record any allegations.

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Gambling and Online Gaming: Education, Awareness and Protection - The Inside Story with Patrick Foster

Patrick is a former professional cricketer, insurance broker and independent school teacher whose life was torn to shreds by his pathological gambling addiction. Despite his idyllic upbringing and success as a youngster, Patrick’s life become monopolised by gambling from his University days onwards as he found making the transition from playing sport and into the real world a huge challenge. His gambling addiction brought him to the verge of taking his own life in March 2018.
The mist has lifted and he has gained some insight into the nature of the condition that was keeping him so unsettled for such a long time and the impact it has had on his life and that of his family and all around him.

With 500,000 children, aged between 11-15, gambling weekly, and young people aged 16 to 23 three times more likely to develop a gambling problem, problem gambling and gaming addictions amongst young people is a growing concern. With links to low attainment, truancy, mental health issues, anti-social behaviour and, in the extreme, criminal convictions or suicide, problem gambling and gaming among young people is something that schools can simply no longer ignore.

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