BSA INSET, or In-service training, can be provided by BSA Group based on the training programmes available on the annual CPD calendar. BSAG delivers the largest body of professional training for boarding practitioners worldwide, and through its CPD champions excellence across boarding, safeguarding, health and wellbeing and professional development. 

BSA INSET is very often a cost-effective way to train more staff in one area and ensures that the training is delivered in a location and on a date tailored to suit you and your team. INSET can be delivered virtually or in person. 

BSA courses are run by qualified experts from the Group Leadership Team or trusted external consultants. All training available on the BSA CPD calendar, included accredited programmes, can be delivered as INSET based on the availability of both the customer and trainer. 

Our most popular INSET courses include: 

  • Boarding essentials 
  • Graduate and GAP assistant induction training 
  • Annual safeguarding training for the boarding team 
  • EDI training 
  • Supporting boarders with emotional health and wellbeing 
  • Creating a culture of wellbeing and cultivating a positive work/life balance. 


The INSET day run by the BSA was fantastic. They covered all the points that we had requested training on and allowed for plenty of discussion time to ensure that particularly new staff fully understood the information that was presented. Thanks especially to Dale whose knowledge of the topics made this an informative and educational day.
Beech Grove School


As with consultancy services, BSAG members receive a 50% discount on INSET rates. The cost of INSET is pro-rated for shorter courses/training. 

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If you are interested in BSA INSET, please contact Bethan Waddington, Programmes Director – BSA Group, Director – BAISIS via