Below, you will find a comprehensive list of the publications currently produced by the Boarding Schools’ Association.

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Boarding School Magazine

Boarding School Magazine is the official magazine of the Boarding Schools’ Association and is published three times a year.

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BSA Book: ‘A Culture of Care: The Benefits of Boarding School and Future Risks’

We have compiled a new BSA book, ‘A Culture of Care: The Benefits of Boarding School and Future Risks’. The book looks at all the positives of a boarding school education and how the sector may look in the future, and features contributions from many leading figures from across the boarding community.

An electronic version is available to purchase for £5, while the hard copy edition costs £10 plus postage and fulfilment. If you would like to purchase an electronic or hard copy version, please contact the BSA Team via

BSA Guide and Service Parents' Guide to Boarding Schools

BSA Guide to Boarding Schools - Spring 2024 edition

Service Parents' Guide to Boarding Schools - Spring 2024 edition

Girls in boarding - Spring 2024 edition

Purchase publications

BSA works with several prominent authors, researchers, and boarding experts to create relevant publications. These publications help member schools, staff and parents better navigate their way round the most important topics during their time at a boarding school.

You can purchase copies of any of the publications from the list below by clicking on the links and sending us an email.


*Please note, there will be an additional minimum charge for recorded delivery of £6 depending parcel size for ALL books purchased, this will show as postage on the invoice.*

*Please note Mirror Mirror and Duty of Care are now back in stock, please re order the publications if you wish to purchase them

  1. Running a School Boarding House

    A Legal Guide for Housemasters and Housemistresses By Robert Boyd (new version out in January 2010)

    Price: £14.00

  2. Duty of Care

    Price: £15.00
  3. Parenting the Boarder By Libby Purves

    Discount on bulk orders for BSA Member Schools is available: 10-29 copies = £4.00 per copy 30+ copies = £3.00 per copy


    Price: £5.00
  4. Being a Boarder by Rose Heiney

    Discount on bulk orders available for BSA Member Schools 10-29 copies = £4.00 per copy 30+ copies = £3.00 per copy

    Price: £5.00

  5. Mirror Mirror – Reflections on Boarding Practice

    Price £15.00
  6. Truly World Class by Christopher Greenfield & Philip Hardaker

    Price £15.00
  7. The Boarding School Companion by Alex Skerratt

Mr Skerratt has lived in a boarding school for three years working as a pastoral assistant and tutor. He has come up with 29 tips for handling one of the strangest living situations on the planet. Here’s how you can have a great time in the process!

Price £9.99 (paperback), £4.00 (kindle)