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Boarding is the gold star of education; it creates that sense of belonging that builds upon a school’s ethos. Boarding schools are so much more than the curriculum and enhancing the pupil’s intellect, life in a boarding school involves character building and the activities within boarding creates a bond that can be celebrated by all cultures. Boarding develops an individual for life.

BSA Active will celebrate all things boarding and aims to engage boarders in a series of fun activities and competitions.

Current engagement schemes include

  • BSA Boarding Orchard: Launched in 2014, 165+ schools have already planted at least 1 tree
  • BSA National Boarding Week: An action-packed week of boarding activities and celebrations in June 19-23, 2023
  • BSA Boarding Life Skills Award: Engagement programme for boarders of all ages. This award has been redesigned for 2022 onwards
  • BSA On Board: Launched in January 2019, the BSA On Board initiative promotes the work undertaken in local communities by boarding schools


The annual BSA Supporting Excellence Awards are our chance to celebrate the achievements, hard work, and dedication of schools and individuals in boarding. The winners of these awards are announced annually at the BSA Annual Conference for Heads in May each year.


  • BSA Boarding House Pumpkin carving competition – October 2023
  • BSA Boarding House Christmas Card competition – December 2023

Celebrations and National Days

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