BSA National Boarding Week

Thank you for your BSA National Boarding Week 2023 support and participation!

It was wonderful to see so many of our members get involved in #NationalBoardingWeek this year. This action-packed week of activities, competitions and challenges showcased fun, friendships and togetherness beautifully and we have been delighted to see schools participating so enthusiastically each day.

Save the date for #NationalBoardingWeek next year: 17-23 June 2024
Further information to be announced in due course.

What is National Boarding Week?

Each summer, the BSA calls upon the boarding community to participate in a week full-to-bursting with fun house activities and competitions known as National Boarding Week. Now approaching its seventh year, the aim of the campaign is to bring awareness to the unique experience boarding has to offer and showcase the positive and lasting impact it can have on students’ lives.

Challenges and activities during this week are designed with inclusivity in mind, ensuring there’s something everyone, no matter their talents, skills or interests, can get involved with. National Boarding Week invites participation across the boarding community in celebration of boarding and serves as an opportunity for schools to connect with local communities, take part in fun house activities, and reinforce the value of boarding education in shaping well-rounded individuals.

Activities range from house sporting challenges, local community activities in line with BSA’s On Board initiative, inter-house bake offs and photography competitions, wellbeing walks, karaoke, board game, pizza nights – and so much more! In 2023, schools participated in activities including:

  • MONDAY: 2K house relay challenge
  • TUESDAY: On-Board community activities
  • WEDNESDAY: Summer Solstice BSA Camp Out
  • THURSDAY: Inter-House Bake Off
  • FRIDAY: House Karaoke
  • SATURDAY: Board game and pizza night
  • SUNDAY: Boarding house walk

National Boarding Week shines a spotlight on the numerous advantages that boarding schools in the UK offer. From holistic development to academic excellence, diverse extra-curricular activities to a supportive boarding community, and the cultivation of independence, boarding education instils qualities that go beyond the classroom – something which is surely worth celebrating!