Barnard Castle Preparatory School pupils enjoy World Book Day

Posted: 2nd March 2023

Pupils and staff found themselves firmly on the same page yesterday as they celebrated a common love of reading.

A host of  popular characters leapt from children’s literature as pupils and teachers dressed up to mark World Book Day at Barnard Castle Preparatory School.

Children took part in a readathon to raise money for the charity Read for Good which spreads the literary word about the benefits of books to children in hospitals.

In line with the school’s ethos on minimising waste and protecting the environment, they also enjoyed a book swap event bringing in the titles they no longer read at home to exchange for others.

In the afternoon, teachers on tour saw staff reading stories and staging activities to different classes.

Teacher Katie Shearn, who led on the event, said: “Reading for pleasure has so many benefits on so many levels. It is a basic building block of all education and the children are happier, more creative and imaginative when they are reading a book. They can read on their own or with friends and reading for pleasure should be at the core of every school like it is at Barney.”

She said some children could read the odd word or sentence when they arrived in Reception class and they were all introduced to picture books from day one.

“By Year 1 it is like magic when they suddenly start reading over your shoulder or asking to read with you,” she said. “We also encourage the older children to read with the younger ones and it is so lovely seeing them waving at their reading partners across the playground.”

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