School Chess Queen Reigns Supreme

Posted: 9th February 2023

Brentwood School Chess Captain Nina Pert has earned the title of Women’s Candidate Master, an official lifetime achievement awarded by the International Chess Federation (FIDE) exclusively to women chess players.

Nina’s FIDE (International) rating broke the 2000 barrier in February 2023 which earned her the lifetime title. The Year 10 student has also become the 7th highest rated female player in the world for her age.

A very proud Brentwood School Head of Chess, Robin Slade, said “Nina fully deserves this accolade. I have had the pleasure of sharing her chess journey since she was 6. She has worked hard to develop her game over a number of years and make the most of her natural talent.”

Players awarded the Women’s Candidate Master title often later earn further titles as their career progresses.  As of 2020, there were 762 active WCMs—a tiny percentage of the millions of chess players worldwide. 

In December, Nina became London Girls’ Under 18 Champion at the London Junior Chess Championships which are one of the strongest events in the UK chess calendar and have been running for nearly 100 years. 

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