King’s School Rochester is first school to receive National Computing Quality Award

Posted: 14th March 2022

King’s School, Rochester has been recognised by the Chartered Institute of IT by achieving the first level of the new National Computing Quality Framework.

King’s School, Rochester is the first school in Medway and the first independent school in the southeast to receive this award.

The National Centre for Computing Education (NCCE) Computing Quality Framework is intended to help schools review their progress in developing the computing curriculum. We were awarded this in recognition of the quality of computing resources used to teach the subject, the fantastic results of our pupils in GCSE and A-Level Computer Science, the number of pupils taking computing as an option, and the CPD (continual professional development) of teachers in matters relating to computing. This reinforces our commitment to best practice and achieving excellence when it comes to Digital Learning.

King’s School Rochester works hard to ensure all our pupils are taught the skills they will need to use software, hardware and the internet effectively and safely both during their time at School and beyond. This means they leave as confident, creative and independent learners equipped to participate in a rapidly changing world.

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