Pupils benefit from wellbeing week after torrid two years

Posted: 14th February 2022

Captions: In vogue, Ted Allan, Imogen Mobley, Megan Sunley and Georgina Chapman parade their newspaper wears

PUPILS have been exploring the five ways to wellbeing in an initiative designed to restore and bolster their mental health.

Barnard Castle Preparatory School introduced a series of wellbeing activities years ago before the start of the pandemic.

“COVID has certainly made the need to address wellbeing even more relevant as pupils’ lives have been disrupted by regulations and restrictions, illness and upset to their routines,” said Rebecca Robertson, who oversees the Prep School’s pastoral care.

“They have proved to be incredibly resilient and have learnt so much from the experience which will stand them in good stead for the future I am sure.”

Pupils took a week out of the normal curriculum to participate in a host of activities designed to promote their mental wellbeing.

Move it Monday started the week with a variety of physical activities including dance, while Teamwork Tuesday saw them design clothes from newspaper culminating in a catwalk fashion parade.

We Like to Help Wednesday tasked children to fill in a voucher promising to do something to help, which they gave to a loved one.

Thoughtful Thursday saw the whole school involved in mindfulness exercises including striking poses and controlled breathing, while the week ended with Friendship Friday when year groups mixed to find someone different to talk to and make new friends.

Mrs Robertson said: “The pandemic has had far reaching effects on everyone, the children, their families and even teachers. Spending a week focusing on mental wellbeing has had a palpable impact on us all and helped restore a sense of confidence, happiness and tranquillity in our community.”

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