Merchiston International School, China

Head: Mr Chris Lynn
Telephone: +86 755 3322 7708
School Address: No.12 Shilongzai Road, Dalang Sub-district, Longhua District, Shenzhen, China


Number in School: 200
Number of Boarders: 120
Boarding Age: 8-18
Boarding Type: Flexi Boarding
School Type: Co-Ed

Head of Boarding: Simon Smith
Head of Boarding Email:
Head of Boarding Contact Number: +86-4008670177

Merchiston International School (MIS) in Shenzhen is the first overseas campus of Merchiston Castle School, a top-ranked independent school located in Edinburgh, Scotland, U.K. with a glorious history of over 185 years. MIS is also Shenzhen’s first international school providing a British international education and boarding system.

Located in Longhua District in the north of Shenzhen city, MIS occupies an area of 20,000 square metres and provides a building area of 50,000 square metres, which can accommodate 1,200 students with a maximum class size of 22 students. The school opened its doors to students aged 5-18 (Years 1 to 13) for the first time in August 2018.

English is the primary language of instruction in MIS. Students from Years 1 to 9 study the English National Curriculum, with additional access to Mandarin (Putonghua) language learning as part of the core curriculum. Students from Years 10 to 13 study for IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) examinations and GCE (General Certificate of Education) A Level examinations The curriculum aims to prepare our students thoroughly for their future studies in world-renowned universities across the globe and, at the same time, to facilitate their access into China’s society.

Adopting Merchiston Castle School’s ethos, MIS features a wide range of co-curricular activities, supported by state-of-the-art teaching and sports facilities. We nurture our students and develop their talents in a diverse range of interests such as music, drama, art, , science and technology; as well as mainstream sports including football, swimming, basketball, tennis and rugby. We also provide opportunities for adventure and outdoor activities such as, golf among others.

MIS is a boarding school that implements the highest standards of pastoral care, food quality and safety and provides first class accommodation with a high level of support and services to guarantee a healthy, secure, happy, comfortable and richly fulfilling campus life.

The school campus provides an unparalleled educational space for teaching, learning and boarding accommodation. Impressive facilities include on-campus libraries, multi-media classrooms, integrated science laboratories, a black box theatre, an indoor swimming pool, tennis courts, a fitness suite, and tastefully landscaped areas. These ensure that our school integrates an exciting and adventurous campus life with a beautiful academic space for all students and teaching staff.

Boarding at MIS offers a wealth of opportunities to encourage the all-round development of both the individual and the community. We want our students to be fulfilled and happy and, at the minimum, this means they must feel secure and as such are properly cared for by well qualified and experienced people who are well disposed to children and continually updated through appropriate continuous professional development training.

Our aims are underpinned by the following principles which reflect the way that everyone in our community should expect to be treated

  • With dignity and respect
  • With compassion
  • To be included
  • To have access to responsive care and support
  • Supported and consulted about their wellbeing

Students are placed in one of three, age appropriate, boarding houses giving them the opportunity to mix with a range of people of different genders, talents, cultures and backgrounds and are cared for by a Houseparent, who lives on site alongside a number of other resident tutors promoting a strong family atmosphere. There is also a fully staffed medical centre to support your child should they become ill.

Boarding students will follow the same pattern of working day as other students and after their evening meal will have structured homework time overseen by a member of staff on duty before some social time and bedtime.

At weekends boarders at MIS will have access to a variety of activities offered by members of staff that are on duty. Some of these activities will be on site whilst others will give students the opportunity to venture further afield under the guidance of experienced members of staff. There will also be the opportunity for students to manage their own time and carry out independent study.

We encourage students to be as fully involved throughout the working week and weekends and we believe that, under the guidance of the dedicated and experienced staff who live with them, each and every student will reach his or her full potential and be part of a rich and engaging community that allows the students to broaden their horizons and learn important skills and social and human values that complement their academic development.