Ampleforth College

Welcome from the Head, Peter Roberts

It is both very exciting and a great honour to become the Head of Ampleforth College. The College goes into 2023 with confidence, consolidating the excellent achievements of the past year. This approach is a team one, based upon the generous sharing of individual gifts by all pupils, staff and parents: our strength comes from the whole Ampleforth community, working together and appreciating and encouraging everyone’s contribution.

Our efforts this year will be centred on our continuing drive to offer an excellent and broad education and maintaining the highest possible level of pastoral care. Our pupils are happy and balanced, able to grow their sense of individual well-being and discernment of what is good and true.

Good and inspiring teaching is key, however much the pupils learn for themselves. After all, the lessons we learn from others are often more important. Alongside the College’s pursuit of academic excellence, the lessons we gain from music, drama, the visual arts, and sport are equally important for the whole person, the well-rounded character that Ampleforth appreciates more than other schools. We will continue to support a STEM approach to science, mathematics and technology teaching, a need recently highlighted by the Prime Minister. I also strongly support the performing arts, one of Ampleforth’s many existing strengths.

We live in a time when the transformative nature of St Benedict’s teachings is sorely needed in the wider world. Everything we do here at Ampleforth is influenced by these teachings. They provide a compass for life which helps nurture young people of integrity, compassion, courage, and insight, and also extends to our wider life in this most beautiful of valleys where there is the constant opportunity to learn how we can be better stewards of the Earth around us, understanding how we can be at harmony with each other, as well as serve the needs of others.

The dedication of the Governors, the whole staff, and of the many friends of Ampleforth has inspired me to give all I can to the collective goal of being a leading boarding school with a unique holistic approach to helping our pupils flourish.

Ampleforth is a great school and one I am proud to lead. I look forward to welcoming you very warmly and in person to this special place with its compelling idea of what constitutes a great education for your children.

Peter Roberts,Head of Ampleforth College