Deputy Head of Lairthwaite Boarding House and DDSL at Keswick School

Closing Date: 4 March 2024
Telephone: 01768772605
Salary: Grade 6 (£29,777 - £30,825) pro-rata (term-time only).
Employment Term: Part TimePermanent

Core purpose

To be responsible to the Head of Lairthwaite Boarding House for the care, welfare and safety of all the boarding pupils and the day to day running of Lairthwaite Boarding House.

To act on behalf of the Head of House in their absence.

To have oversight of Prep, including all contacts regarding the academic progress of the boarding students with school staff and boarding parents.

As the Deputy Head of Lairthwaite Boarding House, you will be expected to work every other weekend (term-time only), this includes:

  • 5pm Friday until lunchtime Saturday, on duty and resident,
  • Being the contact person* throughout Saturday until 12 noon Sunday, and
  • Being on duty and resident from 12 noon Sunday until 11pm Sunday.

During the School week expectations include being the contact person* three nights per week (between Monday to Thursday) and every other weekend on a Friday. Therefore, allowing for a Saturday and Sunday free to enjoy as you wish every other weekend.

When called upon in an overnight emergency, whilst acting as the contact person* you will be remunerated with a minimum of one hour’s overtime.

*by contact person we mean being on call in an emergency, be that present in the boarding house/self-contained flat or within the local ear and contactable via mobile phone.

An average of 21 hours a week (10 hours one week and 32 hours the next when doing a weekend duty). This is a minimum working time and may be negotiated on an annual basis.

Additional teaching (for example cover supervision) available for a suitably qualified post holder. Salary as per school Pay policy.

Main responsibilities

  • Provide pastoral support to boarding students, tailored to their individual needs
  • As a Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead (DDSL) for boarding, undertake safeguarding duties, make referrals and undertake additional relevant training to support this role
  • Seek advice and support from the school DSL (Deputy Headteacher) as and when necessary
  • Oversee prep arrangements to ensure it is effective and supports pupils academic progress, personally supervising prep three times a week
  • Ensure Sixth Form boarders undertake prep in a mature and responsible manner
  • Ensure prep is undertaken over the weekend
  • Liaise with school, house staff, and boarding parents regarding academic issues with boarders
  • Consult with Heads of Departments, Heads of Year, SENDCO, Form Heads, teaching staff, teaching assistants, administration staff and the school nurse as appropriate and liaise with outside agencies if necessary
  • Attend staff briefing in school on behalf of the boarding staff
  • Attend TLP meetings on behalf of the boarding house
  • Sign homework diaries and check homework is being completed
  • Help guide the moral and social welfare and development of all boarding students
  • Maintain a good relationship with parents/guardians
  • To be initially responsible for the conduct and discipline of boarding pupils in the absence of the Head of House
  • To open and close the house on a daily basis and during the holidays as required on a shared rota.
  • Must be resident in the house 3 nights a week during the school week and be on duty every other weekend (Friday night to Sunday night) on a shared rota
  • To act as “back up” in an ‘On Call’ situation during the night as required
  • To be familiar with and work towards ensuring the National Minimum Boarding Standards are met at all times
  • To assist with boarding staff appraisals, determining a suitable programme of professional development
  • Work with the Head of House to ensure that:
  • Pupil welfare meets the very highest standards and that all staff are conversant with the safeguarding policy and procedure and all other relevant policies and procedures
  • The House is ‘Ofsted ready’ including regular evaluations, an annual SEF and development plan
  • Policies and procedures are reviewed and up-dated on an annual basis
  • Meet with the Head of House on a regular basis to plan for the effective management of the House
  • Chair regular meetings of House Council to allow the pupils another avenue to express their views as required
  • Assist with the keeping of effective pupil records via REACH and assist in the preparation of written reports
  • Interview prospective boarders as part of the admissions process as required
  • Oversee all holiday travel arrangements
  • Share responsibility for managing EXEATs
  • Share responsibility for managing medication on REACH
  • Help in guiding the social development of all boarders
  • Report any concerns about any individual to the Head of House
  • When on duty to:
  • Supervise meals and activities
  • Monitor and reply to house emails
  • Attend school events and activities with boarding pupils
  • Undertake wake-up and bedtime routines
  • Distribute pocket money keeping accurate records of income and expenditure


Job descriptions will be reviewed annually and there is the expectation that he post holder will have the capacity for flexibility.  The post holder will be expected to comply with all reasonable requests from the Headteacher to undertake work of a similar level that is not specified in their job description.

Free lodging and utilities in a self-contained two bedroom flat valued in the region of £900 pcm for the full calendar year

Two meals per day during term-time only