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9 Jun
Creating a culture of wellbeing
09 Jun 2020 - 09 Jun 2020

Creating a culture of wellbeing


Date: June 09, 2020

Audience: Deputy Head, Head of Boarding, Boarding staff, Medical staff


Why should you attend?

This day seminar is directed to all staff working with boarders. The wellbeing of both boarders and staff plays a vital part in creating a positive atmosphere in boarding. Effective pastoral care focuses on each individual and strives to give them the necessary support and skills to thrive. Putting wellbeing at the centre of the boarding environment allows boarders to develop and grow beyond the classroom as they live and work together. It is important that boarding staff have a greater understanding of wellbeing and mental health issues to create a positive atmosphere where boarders can feel safe and happy.


Delegates will gain a better understanding of how to support wellbeing by embedding the positive habits and skills that help to develop resilience. They will also discuss aspects that have a detrimental effect of mental health and what the boarding environment can offer boarders in support. A culture of wellbeing also needs to extend to boarding staff as the positive role models for the boarders, as well as helping to sustain a high quality of pastoral care.



  • What is wellbeing? – understanding emotions and resilience
  • Pressures children and young people face – exploring the world they live in and the pressures they face
  • Building a positive culture of wellbeing – what can we offer? What do we put at the centre? Proactive pastoral care
  • Looking after yourself – who cares for the carers? Making the job worthwhile.


Wider context and/or application to the Boarding sector:

In order to achieve the highest standards of pastoral care, delegates will develop a greater understanding of how to embed a culture of wellbeing through the school. Working directly with children and young people requires all boarding staff to have the confidence to give them support in a range of emotional situations and be that first point of contact if a boarder needs someone to turn to. A strong culture, with wellbeing placed at the heart of a school, underpins high quality pastoral care in an environment in which each individual feels safe and valued.

Outcomes and resources:

Delegates attending will explore and discuss different aspects of wellbeing and how to play a proactive part in supporting boarders.


Speaker: Andrew Lewin, BSA Senior Consultant

Andrew Lewin joined the BSA as Director of Training & International in August 2017. Prior to joining the BSA, he lived and worked in boarding schools literally all his life. He has been the Head in three boarding schools, as well as Deputy Head, Housemaster, Head of Geography, Master i/c Rugby, Hockey and Cricket and Director of Development.

He has been an ISI Team Inspector and a Governor of an independent boarding school. He has also served on the local safeguarding children's boards in North Yorkshire and Cheshire, where he organised and delivered training for both local authorities and independent schools.


Virtual day seminar