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Updated legislation in England, Scotland and Wales can be found further down the page

Safeguarding Newsletter 9 - January 2019

IICSA Inquiry Update Note, October 5th 2018

Safeguarding Resources

Information about the Inquiries into Child Sexual Abuise (IICSA and SCAI)

BSA Safeguarding Statement

BSA has issued a statement in response to both new and historic abuse in boarding schools, and a guidance page is available for staff receiving disclosures:




BSA Commitment to Care Charter 

The Commitment to Care Charter is BSA's fundamental statement of the importance of Safeguarding in our schools.   Every BSA member worldwide is expected to subscribe to the findamentals of the Charter:

  • BSA schools are committed to the highest duty of care and safeguarding 
  • Everyone working in a BSA school will raise concerns immediately
  • BSA schools will follow all statutory safeguarding guidance and laws and report concerns to the relevant authority and the BSA
  • BSA schools will support any present pupils affected by abuse and those who report concerns, and offer support to past pupils 
  • BSA will support member schools which responsibly follow the Charter The BSA will support member school

BSA Commitment to Care Charter - September 2017

Please click on the link below to see further guidance about reporting issues to BSA

Charter  - Guidance for reporting


Safeguarding newsletters

Safeguarding Newsletter 9, January 2019

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Safeguarding resources

TABS, our sister association in the USA, have made us aware of a report into child sexual abuse:

Prevention and Response

A short BSA summary of the document is available here

On February 6th 2018, new guidance on online safety was launched in England.
It is of relevance to all practitioners throughout the world:

Education for a Connected World

Promoting Best Practice - Learning Safeguarding Lessons from Recent Serious Case Reviews - Second Edition, November 2016

Overview of Sexting


Government and other Guidance - England

Working Together to Safeguard Children

Keeping Children Safe in Education

Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment Guidance

Information Sharing: Advice for Practitioners

Safer Working Practice


Government Guidance - Scotland

Getting it right for every child (GIRFEC) - Link to the website

Government Guidance - Wales

All Wales Child Protection Procedures


Safeguarding inquiries

Link to the IICSA website

IICSA Inquiry Update Note, October 5th 2018

The Truth Project produced a report in November 2017 into the impact of historic abuse

Link to the Scottish Inquiry website

Australian Royal Commission website