Fairview International School

Number in School: 17
Boarding Age: 10-13
Boarding Type: Co-Ed, Full Boarding
School Type: Co-Ed

Head of Boarding: Mr David Newsham
Head of Boarding Email: d.newsham@fairviewinternational.uk
Head of Boarding Contact Number: 01786 231952

Fairview International School Bridge of Allan is one of 7 schools wholly owned and operated by Fairview. Here, International Mindedness is at the core of everything we do and we are able to offer the very best in international education yet with a distinctly Scottish flavour.

We are justly proud of our curriculum which focuses on developing skills and attitudes which give our students an understanding of their responsibility within their own learning. All of our children’s studies are grounded in real-world contexts and approached in a way that enables our children to make connections between the different aspects of their knowledge.

Students at Fairview are encouraged from the beginning to solve real problems and think through tasks independently. They see their teachers as partners and supporters. Learning is celebrated through projects, presentations and exhibitions. By providing opportunities for our children to present and discuss their own work with their peers, their parents, and the wider community, our children gain a deep understanding. They also build confidence and communication skills organically. Fairview children demonstrate real intellectual resilience and perseverance. Our children personify the words of the educationalist Kurt Hahn, “there is more in you than you think”.

We are in the process of developing and registering our Boarding Facility and will be opening our doors to boarders for the first time in August 2020.