Head: Mr Brendan Wignall
Telephone: 01691 622321
Twitter: ellesmerecoll
Head of Boarding Contact Information
Name: Dr Ranjit Chatterjee
Telephone: 01691 622321
Number in School: 550
Number of Boarders: 238

Founded in 1884, Ellesmere College is a fully coeducational school that successfully combines a happy atmosphere with impressive achievements academically and in music, art, sport and drama. Set within 146 acres of beautiful countryside Ellesmere is conveniently located in central England within easy reach of Manchester and Birmingham. Ellesmere offers an extensive range of excellent modern facilities which enhance both curricular and extracurricular opportunities for pupils. Ellesmere College is a school that values individuals. Ellesmere's aspirations for pupils have always been higher than simply passing examinations. In 2019, Ellesmere College students and staff celebrated an “outstanding” A-Level results day with an overall pass rate of 96%, and the results saw some highly impressive individual performances and more than 50% of all grades awarded were in the top A*, A, B grades, the threshold required for many Russell Group University Places. An Ellesmere education is a preparation for living adult life successfully, considerately and with a sense of personal fulfilment. Another excellent set of exam results saw half of the GCSE grades enter the A* to B (9-6) range, and a third in the A* to A (9-7), which is very pleasing when compared to the national picture of 21.9%.  

For the full or weekly boarder, there is much to enjoy at Ellesmere. A programme of activities operates over several evenings and at weekends. Pupils are able to throw themselves enthusiastically into their work, sport, performing arts and extracurricular activities such as the CCF and Duke of Edinburgh Bronze, Silver and Gold awards. Boarding at Ellesmere is very flexible, and is designed to provide the structure that suits each individual best. It is often through our Boarding Houses that some of the strongest, lifelong relationships are formed. The arrangements for Junior Boarding are different from those that operate in the Senior School, in recognition of the different requirements of our younger boarders. When students move up to Middle School in Year 9 they are assigned to a Middle School boarding house for either boys or girls where they will stay until they reach Sixth Form.

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Boarding Age From: 11 | Boarding Age To: 18

Year Fee Extras included in fees
2019-20 £7,794 - £11,511 per term Including education, food and drink, accommodation, sport, drama, and laundry.

You are looking for a school which reflects your beliefs and values. Academic success at Ellesmere is doing the very best you can. We take pride in the achievements of each and every student according to his or her abilities, not just in the achievements of the brightest and the best. Ellesmere is people centred, not stats obsessed. We focus on the individual, not on our shop window. Everyone is valued equally. If a student is outstandingly good at something, that does not make them better than anyone else. Ellesmere takes sport very seriously - sport for all. We dont cream off the best and forget the rest. We like students with lots of interests and enthusiasms. Ellesmere is not a school for narrow specialists. We like students who love to have a go at new things. Ellesmere is not a school for people who hold back. We relish the rich range of personalities we have here. There is no such person as a typical Ellesmerian. Ellesmere is famously forward looking and innovative. Youll never catch this school clinging to tradition for its own sake or resting on its laurels.Ellesmere College