Darul Uloom Dawatul Imaan

Telephone: 01274 402233
Email: headteacher@dawatulimaan.org
Web: http://dawatulimaan.org/
School Address: Harry Street Bradford West Yorkshire BD4 9PH

Number in School: 163
Number of Boarders: 163
Boarding Type: Full Boarding
School Type: Boys

Head of Boarding: Mr Gulam Patel and Mr Ilyas Patel
Head of Boarding Email: gulam.patel@dawatulimaan.org
Head of Boarding Contact Number: 01274 402233

Darul Uloom Dawatul Imaan is an Indpendent boys boarding school for pupils aged 11-25.

Learning is at the centre of all that we do; focusing on our pupils becoming independent and confident learners who are responsible for themselves, their environment and others in their community.

We seek success for all our students and understand that individuals have different learning needs. We work hard to create a safe and secure atmosphere. We are always determined to insist on the highest standards and we encourage a culture of high aspirations with “no ceilings” so all can achieve their maximum potential and enjoy their time at school.