SEK El Castillo Student Residence Director

Closing Date: 15 December 2023
Telephone: +34916596311
Salary: According to the profile
Employment Term: Full Time

SEK El Castillo International School is looking for a Director for its student residence.


To plan, programme, coordinate and evaluate the academic, cultural and sports activities of the resident students, with the aim of improving their learning and integration.


  • To ensure the creative use of the Residence’s time, resources, spaces and staff for the learning and integral fulfilment of the student.
  • To monitor and review the tutorials of the educators.
  • To hold interviews with the stage coordinator, parents and students to ensure open communication about the student’s learning and integration.
  • Supervise, with the collaboration of the Guidance Department and the Tutors, the academic progress of their students and relevant incidents and organise their activity in the Residence accordingly.
  • To draw up an annual Work Plan and Activities Report, ensuring their contribution to the improvement of the student’s process in Residence.
  • Design and supervise the timetables and academic, sporting and cultural activities of resident students, as well as the distribution of rooms, groups, etc., respecting legal guidelines as well as the guidelines of the teaching team and of an institutional nature.
  • Support HR in the selection of Residence Hall staff, and the preparation of timetables, daytime and evening timetables, weekends and holidays, both during the academic year and summer courses.
  • Hold regular meetings with the management, coordinators and tutors to provide information and for the correct performance of the Residence activities.
  • Attend weekly meetings of the Centre Council and those of the Pedagogical Council when required.
  • Manage orders for necessary materials and Residence incidents.
  • Immediate availability and accessibility, to resolve issues arising in the Residence in time and place.
  • Development of new projects (sports, summer, languages, international, etc.) to optimise and promote the Residence.
  • Carry out the appraisal of all the staff under his/her charge together with the Director, Deputy Directors and the HR department focused on the use of the results in the improvement of the Residence.
  • Participate in the compliance of quality audits, certifications and improvement processes (IB,CIS).


  • Higher degree.
  • ICT knowledge.
  • Relevant experience related to the position of at least 5 years.
  • Fluency in English and Spanish.
  • International experience is desirable.