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20 Apr
BSA virtual day seminar: Self-harm - understanding and responding
20 Apr 2021 - 20 Apr 2021



Title: Self-harm - understanding and responding


Date: April 20, 2021

Audience: All boarding staff, medical staff, academic staff, SMT/SLT


Why should you attend?

As self-harm is affecting 1 in 10 young people, this is something that staff are very likely to come across. Educational staff can often feel under confident and under skilled in managing disclosures of self-harm but with training this can change.


  1. Understand what is meant by the term ‘self-harm’
  2. Better understand the triggers and functions of the behaviour
  3. How to broach suspected self-harm and manage disclosures of self-harm
  4. Appropriate language use upon presentation and with colleagues and parents
  5. Alternative strategies to self-harm.



Session 1 – Better understanding self-harm 

Session 2 – Responding to self-harm.



Outcomes and resources:

Staff consistently state that they feel more confident in managing disclosures of self-harm and holding relevant conversations after attending training. A full PDF of the session will be provided that shall also contain links to helplines and resources that can provide support. A CPD certificate can also be provided.


Speaker: Satveer Nijjar

Satveer has had a passion for reducing stigma around mental health since she herself became affected. She won the public vote for ‘Most Inspirational Person of the Year’ 2018 at the Midlands Business Community and Charity Awards. Her experiences as a patient and more recently as a parent of a child with mental illness have helped shape her career. Her main focus is on improving understanding of, and response to self-harm behaviours.

After beginning with the Royal College of Psychiatrists in 2006 on the Better Services for People Who Self-harm Project she was quickly supported in providing her own lived experience at conferences and then within training courses.

In 2012 she graduated with a First-Class Honours in Psychology, winning the Bernice McAuley Memorial Prize for her dissertation on self-harm and the role of culture. From this point her focus became on the creation and delivery of sessions on self-harm awareness.

Over the last 7 years she has successfully set-up ‘Attention Seekers Training’. Through the business she delivers her own CPD Accredited Self-harm Awareness course nationally alongside PSHE/PDC student sessions, parent awareness sessions, conference talks and workshops. Though most of her deliveries are for education-based staff and students, she also delivers to housing staff, doctors, nurses, social workers among others. Some of the media work Satveer has been involved in includes having a video featured on Head Talks, written for the Boarding Schools Association Magazine and featured Natasha Devon’s best-selling book ‘A Beginner’s Guide to Being Mental’.


Virtual day seminar