Head: Mr Jonathan Cuff
Telephone: 01865 688600
Twitter: doverbroecks
Head of Boarding Contact Information
Name: Felisa Deas
Telephone: 01865 688600
Number in School: 595
Number of Boarders: 227
Boarding Age: 13 to 18

The ethos at d'Overbroeck's is firmly built on personal relationships, on a relative lack of stuffiness and formal hierarchies, on a strong conviction that the individual, every individual, lies at the heart of the school.

Daily life at d'Overbroeck's is fuelled by enthusiasm, laughter and a strong sense of common purpose.  What you will find here is a vibrant, welcoming, forward-looking, diverse, tolerant and supportive community of staff and students.  Students will find themselves in a highly motivating environment which offers a wide-ranging programme of activities, the opportunity ot make strong and lasting friendships - and a very special atmosphere which staff and students alike all thoroughly enjoy and find enormously motivating.


Twitter: @doverbroecks

Facebook: @doverbroecksoxford

Instagram: @doverbroecks_oxford


Year Fee Extras included in fees
2020/21 £9,050 - £9,850 per term Tuition only (The International School)
2020/21 £15,050 - £15,850 per term Including boarding (The International School)
2020/21 £6,050 per term Day students only (Years 7-11)
2020/21 £8,100 per term Tuition only (Sixth Form)
2020/21 £12,250 - £16,300 per term Including boarding (Sixth Form)

Academically challenging but always with a sense of fun and a determination to achieve the best possible outcome, in every sense, for each student.d'Overbroeck's