Welcome Back Miss
25th September 2018

If there was any doubt that your school days are the best of your life, then Gordon’s School’s new Maths teacher Charlotte Winckley is proof.

For Miss Winckley a student at the school in West End, Woking eight years ago, enjoyed it so much that she has come back as a teacher!

“I loved school” she enthused. “Gordon’s is somewhere I always felt happy and confident.”

A weekly boarder at Gordon’s between 2003 and 2010, Miss Winckley went on to study Maths at the University of Kent before heading off to Kingston for her PGCE.

Her first teaching post was at Christ’s College in Guildford but when she saw a Maths position at Gordon’s she leapt at the chance to return.

“I had been thinking about moving on from Christ’s so thought it time to try for Gordon’s although I thought it might be weird to come back.”

“But when I walked through the gates for my interview, it felt right.”

A few of her new colleagues in the staff room were her teachers! “It wasn’t as strange as I thought it would. It’s such a nice atmosphere here between the staff and everyone is so supportive and helpful”.

Formerly a boarder in Windsor House, Miss Winckley is back there for house duties. “The dormitories have changed a bit but a lot of it seems to be the same” she said. “It’s a school with so many traditions so there’s only so much it will change.”

Among her many skills are climbing, horse riding, she reached the Duke of Edinburgh silver award and of course she can march!

However her students had better watch out – she still remembers the hiding places around the 50 acre site! “I would imagine they are still the same places” she quipped.

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