Gordon’s School wins SBF Public Speaking Competition 2018
24th April 2018

On Saturday 21st April 2018 Gordon’s School students went head to head with the Royal Alexandra and Albert School and the Duke of York’s Royal Military School in the SBF Public Speaking Competition 2018.

This was a hotly contested competition involving 2 rounds of speeches, one prepared and rehearsed and one on a topic completely unseen until 15 minutes before giving the speech- a real challenge of exceptional academic skills such as organisation, logic, ethos and pathos.  This was also a real test of character skills as standing up in front of an audience and delivering a speech is no easy task and shows diligence and enthusiasm. 

Topics from Gordon’s students included ‘is Trump really a bad thing?’, ‘The value of pickles’ and ‘a controversial take on feminism’.

In addition to this we also had a team enter into the formal competition.  This was where a team of 3 presented a speech whilst engaging in clear protocol and courttesy.  The topic was on ‘What is love?’ (not the 90s dance classic).

Overall students from all schools had a great day and lots of fun – very well done to all of those involved!


Formal Competition

Best Chairperson: Sophie O’Smotherly (Duke of York’s)

Best Vote of Thanks: Grace Keyes (Gordon’s School)

Best Speaker: Tia Jasani (Gordon’s School)

Winning Team: Gordon’s School (Oliver Henderson, Grace Keyes, Tia Jasani)

Individual Comnpetition

Junior Winner: Leo Cotton (Royal Alexandra and Albert School)

Intermediate Winner: Grace Keyes (Gordon’s School)

Senior Winner: Laila Pell (Gordon’s School)

Overall Winning School: Gordon’s School

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