BSA calls for the mandatory reporting of abuse
20th February 2018

BSA calls for the mandatory reporting of abuse

Robin Fletcher, BSA Chief Executive:

"I took part last night in an ITV Exposure documentary on abuse cases in boarding schools. It featured the candid, harrowing and incredibly brave testimonies from some survivors, whose courage I commend.

"In the programme I called for the Government to introduce the mandatory reporting of abuse in all institutions. In the absence of a clear UK law on this, we introduced our own Commitment to Care Charter two years ago which requires all our member schools to report externally any suspicions or accusations.

"Recently the Government has consulted on mandatory reporting and we expressed our clear support, but as yet there has been no action. So two weeks ago I personally wrote to the Home Secretary asking for it to be introduced. As yet I have not had a reply.

"Quality, modern, British boarding schools are run by caring, professionally trained staff who put the safety and welfare of young people above all else. But it is ludicrous that we are one of the few countries in the world where it is not an offence to fail to report suspicions or accusations. And it is blatantly obvious that putting this into law will contribute to making young people safer.

"Mandatory reporting is the clearest way to respect those who have suffered in the past and to ensure no one suffers again."

February 20, 2018

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