Local artist Sara Dudman leads technical drawing workshop at Millfield
28th November 2017

Millfield Sixth Form art scholars were joined by Somerset artist Sara Dudman for a challenging technical drawing workshop, where Sara guided pupils in exploring the use of moving images to create layered drawings.

The activity was linked to their current practice to create layered drawings which utilised a variety of media including graphite, coloured pencil, gesso, charcoal, watercolour and fine masking tape.

Sara, who has had work selected for exhibition in London by the National Open Art Competition, inspired the pupils to use her approach of recording movement, which she recently used when working with a Blackdown Hills farmer and his sheep. This process requires the artist to use video to view their subject matter in an ever changing way, recording that information at a faster pace than they might ordinarily.

Paul Maxfield, Millfield’s Head of Art, Design and Technology says, “Thank you to Sara for sharing her skills and techniques with Millfield Sixth Form art pupils. Inviting local artists who have such practical knowledge and expertise is always an extremely valuable experience for our pupils, who are able to meet and work with professionals in their field.”


Artist Sara Dudman says, “It was such a pleasure to share my artistic practice with the very talented
Sixth Form art scholars at Millfield. Their willingness to experiment and explore new approaches to
working directly in response to video was exceptional. I was delighted with their ability to
understand and embrace the essential concepts of expressing motion and non-static encounters
with the world through drawing.”

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