An Awesome Foursome in the Wind in the Willows
31st May 2017

Audiences at the Stahl joined the well-loved childhood characters of Ratty, Mole, Badger and Toad down by the riverside in a captivating production of The Wind in the Willows (originally penned by Kenneth Grahame). 

Theatre Director, Naomi Jones commented, “Production directors Jo Henderson and Hattie Hopper deserve much praise for mounting a production which demonstrated such technical accomplishment and precision without losing any of its childish wonderment and joy.”

The play had car chases, bobbing policemen, a boat and some Charleston-ing weasels and the sum of these anarchic parts created one delightful whole.

Naomi added, “Finding a script which allows a number of youngsters to shine is a real challenge, but in Willis Hall’s beautiful adaptation these moments were plentiful and it was great to see the talent we have to enjoy in the future.”

Charlie Dickenson (13) excelled as the loveable toad. Rarely off stage, he showed great energy and presence as he guided the audience through this energetic tale. Luke Seymour (12) made a brilliant counterpoint as the wise and temperate Badger whilst Tom Allinson (12) as Ratty, oozed an effortless charm and charisma. Together with Mima Rock (13) as the much-maligned Mole, they made for an ‘awesome-foursome’ at the centre of this hugely talented young cast.

The onstage pianists, James Thomas and pupil Alex Hill (15) expertly supported some uplifting musical numbers performed by the company.

Naomi concluded, “This musical element, together with the dazzling set, costume and lighting made the production a real theatrical treat for all the family.”

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