Tang Soo Do at Bromsgrove School
18th May 2017

'So many desire the coveted Black Belt of a martial art but not many possess the tenacity to make the journey’.

On Friday, 12th May 2017, four young men demonstrated that tenacity in the art of Tang Soo Do and were presented with their belts and certificates at the end of a two-hour assessment of their syllabus. 

Bromsgrove School students Harry Ruben, Zef Ruben, Hayden Owen and Joe Kordan have trained in the Friday afternoon class for almost 8 years under the instruction of Master Jacqui Fisher, 5th Dan, Association of Traditional Martial Arts. They knew that the journey would be longer than most paths to Black Belt as they were only able to train in term time, however, they still continued on the journey.

Their final test included the demonstration of the full syllabus, including long stick and a sparring session in which they really had to dig deep to push through, which they did admirably. The pressure of performing under scrutiny added to their nerves but the whole point of testing is the ability to perform under pressure.

‘So much more than the physical, martial arts build self-esteem, confidence, discipline, self-control and self-respect and the pupils have demonstrated all of these attributes’, said Jacqui Fisher.  ‘Their journey continues towards 2nd Dan and it's my pleasure to have them in the squad.'

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