Double Gold in Chemistry
15th May 2017

Two Upper Sixth Form Oundle School pupils, Andrea Verenose (17) and Kevin Law (17) achieved Gold Awards in this year’s Royal Society of Chemistry’s Chemistry Olympiad 2017, with a further six pupils (including Lower Sixth former, Rebecca Siddall (19)) achieving Silver Awards. 

Head of Chemistry, Jonathan Peverley commented, “The significant challenge of this paper is a real test of the depth and understanding of a pupil’s knowledge. Pupils consistently tell me that they enjoy the challenge of solving the problems that are presented in a context that is both demanding yet related to everyday contexts. I am incredibly pleased with the results we have achieved. It is a great credit that the pupils are able to devote time to scoring so well on such a challenging paper on top of their numerous other commitments within the School.”

Each year The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) organises the selection of the UK team for the Olympiad Competition. The successful pupils go on to take part in an International Final. The selection for the competition is open to all post-16 pupils who sit the challenging written test of chemical knowledge with the questions in Round One helping to develop some of the skills required for study at university and beyond.

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