Eager young ‘astronauts’ launch Bromsgrove Bear into Space
16th March 2017

After weeks of anticipation, excited Year 2 pupils from Bromsgrove School were finally able to launch Bromsgrove Bear into space!

With a video camera capturing live footage of the mission, the children were able to watch the bear’s journey as he ascended to a height of 35km. A GPS tracker enabled the class to find out where Bromsgrove Bear eventually landed so that he could be retrieved, along with the images and videos that were captured during the flight.

A competition was held for the children to predict where the landing site would be, plotting their predictions onto maps of the UK. Winners were rewarded with an exclusive ‘Mission Patch’ similar to that worn by Neil Armstrong and Tim Peake.

Mrs Kate Western, Director of KS1 said “'The children have loved this exciting topic which has involved designing, making and launching rockets and astronaut training.  The launching of Bromsgrove Bear into space was a fantastic finish to our learning journey, 'One Small Step'. Hopefully we have inspired budding young astronauts of the future!'

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