Maths challenge & science day at King Edward's
3rd July 2013

Eleven local prep. and junior schools took part last month in the King Edward’s Annual Maths Challenge & Science Day. 69 pupils aged between 9 and 11 came to the School to pit themselves against each other in a friendly Maths Challenge competition and also take part in a Science Day. Around six pupils participated from each school and were split into two teams of three. As in previous years, one half of the day was spent on the Maths Challenge and the other half on the Science Day.

St Andrew's B Team, (l to r tbc) Jasper Smith-Gordon, Kasper Wiltshire, & Oliver Furness, during the maths challenge in which they scored top marks.

The Maths Challenge gave pupils a series of 40 puzzles which they were able to take on in any order. They tested a variety of skills, from old fashioned arithmetic through to logic and deduction and varied in difficulty with some just taking a minute or so to solve whilst others took a lot longer. Common to all the challenges though was an enjoyment and satisfaction from the pupils when they got them right! Although not highly competitive, scores were taken and, for the first time in several years of doing the event, a team scored 40 out of 40! Congratulations to St Andrew’s ‘B Team’ (only in name) for getting top marks. There were several other excellent scores in the high 30s throughout the day.

The Science Day was split into two parts. There was an hour’s ‘Murder Mystery Challenge’ where pupils were given bags of evidence from which they had to work out who tragically murdered Ronald MacDonald outside the King Edward’s Science Building. They used various techniques to get to the bottom of the murder, using magnifying glasses to inspect vegetable matter left around the crime scene and chromatography to identify whose pen ink had been left on the scene. Much fun was had carrying out detective work in a fully equipped Biology Laboratory and eventually the suspect was found to be Scooby Doo – who would have thought it!

In the Chemistry and Physics labs, other groups took part in ‘MISSION IMPOSSIBLE’ where they discovered how to create secret messages in invisible inks, using a concoction of different chemicals. Their challenge was to write an invisible message which would then be revealed at the end of the session to all the other children.

The day was again a success and an opportunity to give pupils of a younger age the opportunity to meet pupils from other local schools and experience a working day in a senior school environment, where they will be heading in the next couple of years.

The eleven schools taking part were:

Amesbury, Barrow Hills, Belmont, Conifers, Duke of Kent School, Hoe Bridge School, Longacre School, Oakwood, Ripley Court School, St Andrew’s School, Woking, St Hilary’s School.

For further information contact Matthew Willis on 01428 686720 or email

Notes to Editor:

King Edward’s School

King Edward’s School in Witley, Surrey, is an independent co-educational boarding and day school for boys and girls from ages 11 to 18. The School was founded in 1553 to provide housing and education for destitute children in London. To this day the School still provides bursary support and boarding accommodation for around a quarter of its students and high levels of pastoral care are at the heart of its ethos. However, the School has moved on to become one of the top independent schools in the country, with a reputation for excellence in many areas, including its International Baccalaureate 6th Form curriculum.

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