First Prize in Goethe-Institut ‘Digital D’ Competition
19th January 2017

From over fifty entries, two Oundle School pupils, Gordon Lin (16) and Alexander Lee (16) recently won first prize in the Goethe-Institut Digital Days 'Besuch in meiner Stadt’ competition.

Their brief was to make a short film, in German, about Oundle town which they achieved by using some footage from the School archive and filming further footage of the town and school, using voice-over to describe the town in German.

Alex commented, “We used a song as background music and edited the footage to make sure it all worked well together. 

We were very pleased with our final product. I think that competitions such as this are great for pupils to think outside of the classroom as well as practising German in a real situation.” 

As the winner of this competition the boys were awarded a cash prize of £60.

Head of German, Emily Wagstaffe, “This is the second year running that Oundle pupils have won first prize in the video section of this competition. I am very proud of the boys, who put a lot of effort into their short film about Oundle.”

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