Würzburg and Nürnberg Winterwunderland Trip
18th January 2017

Oundle School Third Form (Year 9) Germanists embarked on a Winterwunderland Trip to Würzburg and Nürnberg over the Christmas holidays, with the aim of reinforcing their language skills and opening up their minds to a wealth of new cultural experiences.

Pupil, Georgia Short (13) commented, “This trip will be long remembered by those who went on it for the overwhelmingly Christmassy atmosphere exuded by both cities; the excitement of being let loose in a treasure trove of gifts and sweets and the fairy-tale-like ‘mirror room’ in the imposing Würzburg Residenz. The tour of Würzburg was really informative, as our guide went through the city’s varied history, even showing us a model of what it looked like after the World War II bombings. We explored the expansive Christmas Market, with stalls built to look like log cabins and festooned with glass baubles.”

At the Würzburg Residenz pupils marvelled at the ‘mirror room’, as well as many other incredible features, such as plaster painted to look like marble columns, and a gigantic fresco on the ceiling depicting the four continents as people. After climbing the steps up to the Festung Marienberg, the pupils enjoyed a spectacular view of the entire city shrouded in fog. The tour guide drew their attention to the architecture, the coat of arms over the gateway, and even a deep groove in the rock where guards had sharpened their weapons. They saw suits of armour, swords for execution, ancient pottery and garden statues.

Georgia commented further, “After another long march down the hill, we made for the ice rink. It was difficult to get the hang of skating, but thrilling once you picked up speed. We weren’t alone; it seemed like the whole city had turned out for the day and it it was exciting to be part of such a large group.”

A last visit to the Christmas Market followed, before the group set off to Nürnburg, where they enjoyed a two-man production of Ox und Esel. At the Christmas Markets in Nürnburg they encountered carousels and ferris wheels illuminated with beautiful fairy lights.

Georgia concluded, “The Winterwunterland Trip was an amazing opportunity to experience a different culture’s enchanting approach to celebrating Christmas.”

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