The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe
15th December 2016

In early December, audiences at Oundle’s Stahl Theatre were transported to the magical kingdom of Narnia, where they were met by the enormous lion, Aslan, brilliantly brought to life by Ned Freij (17) as puppeteer for Paul Laughton’s amazing puppet creation. 

Wardrobe Designer, Jo Henderson’s costumes often shine in Stahl productions but on this occasion they really dazzled, with the diminutive Isobel Salt (14) as the witch, made to look like a giant, partly by virtue of her virtuoso performance but also strongly supported by skilful costume and make up design. 

Guiding the audience through the adventure were the charming ‘sons and daughters of Eve’: Lily Rose-Tebbut (15) as Susan, Grace Gibson (14) as Lucy and Seb Wright (14) as Peter.  As Edmund - fourth son of Adam - Edward Cubitt (13) had a perfect balance of mischievousness and likability whilst Edward Hodgson (15) created a wonderfully forlorn fawn, Mr Tumnus and Sophia Ogilvie (15) - in her Stahl début- was a menacing presence as the witch’s right hand wolf, Maugrim.   

Theatre Director, Naomi Jones commented,

“This small and able cast demonstrated a genuine ensemble with impressive storytelling prowess. Alongside puppet design, Paul Laughton was also responsible for the exceptionally striking, multi-layered, revolving winter wonderland on which the piece played out. But no production comes together without the hard work, vision and dedication of its director and for bringing together all of these elements into one enchanting whole, Drama teacher, Matt Burlington deserves much praise. “

The Spring season kicks off with an Open Day at the Stahl Theatre with a costume sale, coffee and cake on 15 January. School productions next term include Love and Money by Dennis Kelly and Box of Tricks will present Narvik in early February. The Spring and Summer 2017 programme details and booking are available at:

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