St Swithun’s School hosts Mathematical Circle for local schools
17th November 2016

Fifty Year 10 students from across Hampshire spent two days over half term in mathematical heaven at St Swithun’s School, Winchester.  The students attended a variety of workshop sessions where they learned about areas of mathematics rarely seen in a school.


Peter Ransom of the Mathematical Association gave a session on the mathematics of Nelson’s victory at Trafalgar whilst dressed in full historical sailor costume.  James Hall of Harrow School took students “To Infinity and Beyond”.  Hugh Hill of Winchester College explored astroids (mathematical curves) with a ruler and a pair of compasses. Dominic Rowland, also of Winchester College, teased the students with tetrominoes (shapes made from four adjoining squares). Stephen Power, head of mathematics at St Swithun’s, contributed a session which allowed students to create their very own “Personalised Polynomials”.


The students thoroughly enjoyed themselves, adding that the two days were “difficult and challenging, but great fun”.

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