Cultural exchange trip to Argentina
4th November 2016

Over the October half term holidays, eleven pupils and two members of staff from Oundle School travelled to Buenos Aires on a ten day exchange trip. They stayed with host families and participated in lessons at Sta María de Luján School as well as enjoying other cultural activities and trips.

Excursions during their nine day visit included exploring the centre of Buenos Aires’ San Telmo, Recoleta and Boca neighbourhoods. The group also visited La Bombonera stadium and the River Plate stadium, which football lovers particularly enjoyed! Over the weekend, they visited a traditional Gaucho farm were they saw tango dancing and other regional dances, as well as experiencing a horse race or "Carrera de la sortija".

Pupil, Freddie Turner (16) commented, “The build up to the trip was incredibly exciting. Having hosted our exchange partners back in June, we were in turn hosted by their lovely traditional Argentinian families who were extremely welcoming. We gained a real experience of this South American country and my language skills have certainly improved - by the last Sunday the family I was staying with banned English from the house altogether!”

Pupil Thomas Riegals (15) added, “The food was delicious, the excursions interesting and the host families really engaged with us. My Spanish has improved greatly and I have learned a lot about Argentinean culture.”

Pupil Ruben Sector (15) concluded, “I would recommend this trip to anyone interested in learning/improving their Spanish, discovering new cultures and venturing to new places.”

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