Oundle’s OSCAR Radio ‘Radio Journalism at its Best’
1st November 2016

Founded in 1988, OSCAR Radio is an emblem of the talent and enthusiasm of Oundle School pupils. As the only radio station run and directed exclusively by U18s it is an exemplar of the success that young adults can achieve within a professional environment. With the continued support of Sir Howard Stringer (Chairman, Sony Worldwide) and Mr Carl Heinlein and managed by Upper Sixth Form pupils, James Stringer (17) and Mercedes Bannister (17), OSCAR is a legacy that has spanned over eighteen years.

Co-Managing Director, James Stringer commented, "Ever since I hosted my first OSCAR show in Third Form (Year 9) I have dreamed of being one of the OSCAR Managing Directors, and now Mercedes and I have our chance to leave a mark on the incredible OSCAR legacy. During our stint in charge, we hope to reinvigorate OSCAR with more interviews, a more interesting and diverse range of shows, and improving OSCAR's digital presence. We are both very excited for the up-coming broadcast and hope to bring OSCAR radio closer to resembling recognisable stations like BBC Radio 1, whilst continuing to carry the distinct OSCAR personality that new and old listeners alike have to come to love."

Although they do not want to give away all of their secrets the team have decided that they wish to involve the whole School, including teachers, and look forward to their appearances on air this November. Eighteen years after OSCAR was first established, this completely pupil-run radio station is reaching the end of its teen years and the team are ready to give it a more grown up look! With the retired professional rugby player Danny Grewcock MBE starting as the new Head of Sport this year, Sport Directors Frannie Aldridge (17) and Robbie Hayes (17) cannot wait to interview him.

Head of OSCAR Radio, Mr Chris Pettitt, said “I am very much looking forward to this upcoming broadcast with our new management team of U6th and L6th formers. I expect to hear some entertaining and stimulating radio with a wealth of influences from across the spectrum of School life and as always we are directing our spotlight towards the School's breadth of subjects and cultural diversity.

We hope to have programming in several languages and plan to embrace the cultures experienced on our overseas trips and from our many pupils from around the world. We hope to have our new website ready in time for the broadcast in order to enhance the listener experience with interactive scheduling and live updates.”

OSCAR Radio reaches a thirty square-mile range and has kept its audience enthralled for all thirty-six previous broadcasts. With the fresh and innovative ideas of pupils who create and host their own shows, OSCAR Radio has broadcasts a diverse selection of programmes including music, topical and game programmes; each as interesting and creative as the next.

With an ever-increasing variety of broadcasts of concerts, customary news, sports, music, current affairs, debates, community events and Drama, there is much diversity in the shows. The aim of this November broadcast is to increase the quality and variety of the programmes. OSCAR will endeavour to provide the most polished and exciting programmes on the air with newly introduced Free Thinking programmes as well as Science talks, thoughts for the day, Language programmes and Radio Plays lead by Lewys Ball (17) and Radha Mistry (17).

Head, Mrs Kerr-Dineen, commented: “The opportunities that OSCAR Radio gives Oundle pupils are second to none in radio journalism and I am very proud indeed of what is achieved.”

The upcoming broadcast will run from 8th November - 5th December.

Listeners will be able to tune in on their radios or use the live streaming utility on OSCAR’s website at where they can also listen to Podcasts. The newly updated website enables listeners all over the globe to be able to listen in and access the programme and information about OSCAR.

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