Chicken is 2nd fastest in the world!
24th October 2016

Tech minded racing enthusiasts at Bromsgrove School have taken kit-car racing to another level with their all-electric race car ‘The Chicken’.   The car, built by a team of 12-16 yr old students has competed in the Greenpower engineering series for the last 4 years, started its world seeded ranking at 344 but has gradually moved up to 27th.  The students have adapted the kitcar to suit a variety of race circuits including Castle Combe, Silverstone, Aintree, Rockingham, Bedford Autodrome and Mallory Park. 


Advances in technology have enabled the car to last as long as possible and drive the furthest distance.  It started life with a top speed of 15 mph and now moves, with the same batteries and motor, at nearly 30 mph.  


Team chicken have had an amazing season this year and have won 6 trophies in 4 races, dominating in every race which made them the team to beat at the Kitcar International Finals, Rockingham on the 15th October.  Some 150 teams from all over the world attended the races and travelled from Brazil, USA, Poland, Ireland, Scotland, Portugal and South Africa, with the Bromsgrove team narrowly missing out on a podium place.  On 16th October, at the F24 World finals, Team Chicken competed against 80 other teams vying for their 2017 seed ranking.  The car finished 0.06 miles behind the race leader, earning the Chicken the very respectable title of 2nd fastest kitcar in the world!

Mr Steve Broadbent, Teacher of Technology said "As a team, we are incredibly happy with the way the car and students worked this weekend.  With further modifications in the pipeline, the opposition had better be ready next season because The Chicken will be back and ready to take the championship by storm!”


Thanks to the car’s sponsors - Gorilla UK, Bay Plastics, Digital Speedos, Trumeter and BAL Aluminium who have all helped to develop the car this year.  Congratulations to the following for the driving, engineering, commitment and efforts throughout this season:  Mr Matthews, Aled Luckman, Ellie Chan, Will Edwards, Tristan Stephen-Jones, Sam McCabe, Alek Florov, Scarlett Bond, Harry Fussell and Champion Pongpaew who brought home yet another trophy for Design Technology and a good handful of medals too. 


The hunt for next year’s sponsors of our Bromsgrove’s TWO race cars ‘The Chicken’ and its new car ‘The Egg’ begins!



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