A learning experience for Year 7 pupils at Rydal Penrhos
20th October 2016

Year 7 pupils at Rydal Penrhos got to learn more about the links between the school and its Methodist foundation recently.

The entire year group spent the afternoon of Wednesday, October 19 at St John’s Church with Religious Studies department staff where they took part in three sessions.

The first session was thinking generally about ‘being connected’, and about how we express our connectedness by working together.
Pupils’ formed four groups to create a body which they then decorated, cut up and made walk across the room.

The second session was an exploration of the lives of the four founders of the school houses: Bishop William Morgan, the Rev’d John Wesley, the Rev’d Frederick Payne and Thomas Osborn.
To find out information pupils’ had to hunt the clues down around the church and then present their findings.

In addition to this there are now four large posters detailing the lives of the four founders of the school houses situated at the church.

Rev. Nick Sissons, chaplain at Rydal Penrhos, said: “I was very impressed with the energy and enthusiasm of the pupils and the way they worked together as a team.

“They were keen to understand about where the school had come from and to learn about the pioneering work of the four founders.

“Rydal Penrhos is about producing innovative and imaginative people in that same mould today.”

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