Rydal Penrhos School at St Asaph Cathedral
10th October 2016

A group of Preparatory School pupils got to learn more about a prominent nearby landmark on a recent visit.

The Year 5 pupils at Rydal Penrhos took a trip to St Asaph Cathedral on Tuesday, October 4, where they found out about the site’s rich history and other interesting facts.

During the visit they were told how King Edward I once knocked the building down, and also how it was used as a store room by Oliver Cromwell.

The group then split up and took part in a quarter of exciting workshops involving the cathedral’s stained glass windows, which feature a stunning picture of St Kentigern.

Organist Alan McGuinness taught pupils about the organ, which has around 4,000 pipes and would have cost more than £2 million had it been built today.

They learnt about Bishop William Morgan who was the first person to translate all of the bible into Welsh and went outside to see the special memorial to those who helped him. 

The group ended the trip by dressing up – some as monks and some as the Bishop and Dean and other important people in the cathedral.

The monks processed along the length of the cathedral chanting in plainsong: ‘Gloria in excelsis Deo!’

Rev’d Nick Sissons, the school chaplain, said: “The Cathedral always offers us a very warm welcome and gives so much for the children to think about and take part in. 

“It was another great visit and we will have plenty to do in the weeks to come as we follow up the visit.”


Photo captions:

-    Ethan Akroyd, Telor Jones, Liam Farrell and Harry Fardoe as Monks.

-    James Gilman as the Bishop.

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