The Old Bromsgrovian Reunion
30th September 2016

Over a hundred Old Bromsgrovians, who had left the School between 1960 and 1969, returned to Bromsgrove on Saturday, 10th September for a celebratory Reunion.  The former pupils, who included Nicholas Evans, author of the Horse Whisperer and John Illsley of Dire Straits came from destinations as far afield as France and New York as well as London, Somerset, Wales and closer to home in Worcestershire. Many of the attendees hadn’t seen each other since leaving the School 50 years ago.

The Chapel Choir performed a special anthem for guests during a welcome service, followed by memories read by the current Heads of School and a reading from Assistant Pastoral Head, Catherine Maund. Pupil guides escorted the Old Bromsgrovians on a tour of the grounds, which included a special stop at the Old Chapel to look at old photographs and recount tales of their school days. Following lunch in the Hospitality Suite, Old Bromsgrovians were invited to record their Bromsgrove memories on film for the School’s Archive. 

Richard Brookes, a Governor at the School said

“It is amazing that despite the time gap, you can pick up from where you left off with true friends.  The sound of the choir with the tremendous gusto of Bromsgrovian voices brought back great memories”.

Mike Bird, an Old Bromsgrovian said

“I always enjoy coming back to the School but last Saturday was very special. I am always amazed by the changes that have been made yet there is still a sense of continuity whenever I walk around. Being in the Chapel seemed like a normal school day except my last one was over 55 years ago.  I met people I hadn’t seen since that time and we had a wonderful time pointing out how things had changed and what they used to be like.”

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