A Rydal Penrhos pupil took part in a week of work experience with a major construction company
22nd September 2016

A Rydal Penrhos pupil took part in a week of work experience with a major construction company.

Jack Sissons, an upper sixth pupil at the school, spent six days with Vinci Construction Ltd working at one of their multi-million pound Crossrail, which will become a high speed railway running underneath London.

The 17-year-old was working with a team of four civil engineers and carried out as host of tasks both on site and in the office.
He said:

“I started by shadowing the engineers as they went about tasks including laser surveying to ensure accurate locations of works, testing the strength of a concrete order and monitoring works to ensure they met the meticulous standards set out by Crossrail. 
“As the week wore on I was given more independence and by the end I had written a method statement and risk assessment for some works, been introduced to CAD (computer aided design) and also had put an order in for a section of pipework that I had designed myself.”

The pupil grasped the opportunity to gain more experience in the engineering field, which is the subject he plans to study at university next year.

“The highlight of my time there has to be getting a ride though the tunnels on one of the welfare trains, seeing the works being carried out but also the transition between tunnels constructed in the 19th century to tunnels constructed last year,” added Sissons.
“The six days really showed me how a construction site operates and the role of the engineer within it, including the incredibly high level of detail and planning required for its success. The time has only further fuelled my ambition to pursue an engineering career.”


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