Nicola’s Brownsea Island Swim 2016
31st August 2016

On Sunday 4th September, former Head of Maths and former Housemistress from Oundle School, Nicola Guise, will take on the challenge of the Brownsea Swim 2016. Nicola has committed to the four mile sponsored swim (without a wetsuit!) around Brownsea Island, to raise money for the work of International Needs in supporting street children in the Kawangware slums of Nairobi, Kenya.

International Needs are working with a passionate team of ex- street children (The Real Hope Community Project), helping a group of current street children to set up a car wash to keep them off the streets. At the same time they will be taught business skills, equipment maintenance, banking, saving, and conflict resolution.  

The Real Hope Community Project team in Kawangware

There are approximately 2.5 million slum dwellers in about 200 settlements in Nairobi representing 60% of the Nairobi population and occupying just 6% of the land. International Needs works with local groups based in the slums providing education and support for adults and children, including support for the homeless.

Street children in the slums of Nairobi 

Nicola commented, “I was totally inspired by the International Needs projects that I saw first-hand on an amazing ‘Adventure with Purpose’ Umoja Africa Journey I undertook earlier this year with International Needs Canada. Visiting the Nairobi slums with International Needs Kenya’s Director, Jocelyn Muraya, we were shocked at the appalling conditions but uplifted by this group of ex-street children who are dedicated to establishing a car washing project to help give current street children a means of earning money. So that's my motivation - to support that International Needs project by completing the Brownsea Swim 2016.”

Nicola began river swimming just over a year ago in the River Nene and continued to swim with a local group throughout the winter. She has been notching up the miles over the summer in readiness for the challenge.

Nicola added, “I have rediscovered my love of swimming since meeting a fabulous group of wild swimmers who inspired me to take on this challenge. Swimming through the winter has been important to acclimatise for the Brownsea Swim!  It is the length of time in cold water that I am most concerned about, although the event distance will also be my longest swim yet! Fingers crossed that this good weather holds.”

Danny Morris, National Director of International Needs UK commented, “These street gangs work as families supporting one another and sharing with one another. We want to help them off the street, beat their addictions and go on to develop skills that bring an income. Having supporters like Nicola doing crazy things is an amazing way to deliver impact in the lives of these forgotten people.”

With just over a week to go, Nicola has raised over £2500 for the project. To sponsor her please donate at:

For more information about the work of International Needs UK and their GoGlobal trips to see first hand the projects visit: 

For further information about the International Needs Canada Umoja Journey visit 

GoGlobal Visits ( )

Through The International Needs UK Go Global programme you can experience the reality of life in the developing world.  If you are looking for an opportunity to immerse yourself in another culture, impact a community by using your skills and experience a different way of life then Go Global is for you! In return for rolling up your sleeves you will receive more than you ever imagined.... friendship, generosity, hospitality, appreciation and memories that will last a life time. GoGlobal operates throughout Asia and Africa.  From Burkina Faso to Sri

Lanka you can discover work in action, shaking your own world as you serve and strive with a team of people from the local community. GoGlobal helps you have a no frills, authentic experience empowering you to make a difference! 

About the Umoja Journey (
To experience an Umoja Journey, participants purchase seats in a Land Rover vehicle and embark in a group on a trip through a series of planned destinations designed to reflect the Umoja tagline ‘Adventure with Purpose’. The adventure component of the journey includes visits to luxurious, exotic destinations that showcase the natural beauty of the earth. The purpose component takes participants to visit various sustainable development initiatives supported by International Needs Canada.

The Umoja Journey is organized into a series of ‘legs’ corresponding to the six continents involved — North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australasia. 

The Umoja Journey is collaborating with Thomson-Reuters — the world’s leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals — as corporate social responsibility partners in Latin America. Thomson-Reuters is supporting the establishment of an Interactive Library and community hub at Rose of Sharon — a school for vulnerable children in Barranquilla, Colombia, supported by child sponsors and donors affiliated with International Needs Canada.

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