BSA EU Referendum Statement
28th June 2016

As we reach the end of the academic year the mood of the sector is undoubtedly more sombre as a result of the EU referendum. Schools, staff, students, parents and agents have been in touch about the future of our education system. There have been question marks over A Levels or IB, freedom of movement, how this will affect entry into our universities and the weakness of the pound.

The Boarding Schools' Association and our member schools welcome and will continue to welcome European and International students to our boarding schools. The diversity and global outlook of our schools is what makes our education system special and enables all our students to thrive and make a difference to the world in which they emerge.  

BSA has written to the UK and Scottish governments to seek further clarifications and assurances that our students can continue to study in our world-class education establishments. The boarding community is an international community that will continue to support and ensure the students in our care thrive. 

As the situation develops BSA will continue to update and support our members.

Robin Fletcher
Chief Executive

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