St Swithun’s School top mathematicians
5th May 2016

Last term all Year 9, 10 and 11 pupils at St Swithun’s School, Winchester sat the Intermediate Mathematics Challenge.  This competition involves over a quarter of a million students from across the country who answer 25 multiple choice questions in one hour under normal exam conditions.

The girls achieved an excellent set of results with gold certificates awarded to nine girls and over 80 certificates awarded in total. Nine girls were invited to take part in the follow-on rounds for high scoring students.

Susie Huang, aged 15, sat the Year 10 Olympiad, an examination set for the top 600 mathematicians in Year 10 in the country.  Susie was awarded a medal as a result of her excellent performance.  This puts her in the top 100 in her year in the country.

Gold certificates were awarded to Alexa Markitan, Josie Smailes, Jenny Xue, Lily Yu, Amelia Bajer, Susie Huang, Lulu Marshall, Emily Tse and Isobel Wolf.

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