Boarding Schools' Association response to Labour’s public school facilities plan
7th January 2016

Boarding Schools' Association response to Labour’s public school facilities plan 

In response to changes tabled by the Labour party in a series of amendments to the Charities (Protection and Social Investment) Bill to be considered by MPs today (Thursday 7 January 2016), BSA have released the following statement:

BSA Statement

Plans to force public schools to share more facilities with state schools, offer career advice and help with university applications are 'half baked, based on ignorance and built on prejudice' according to a leading education group.

The Boarding Schools' Association, which represents around 500 independent and state boarding schools across the UK, has strongly attacked the proposals.

National Director Robin Fletcher said:

"These are half-baked proposals, built on prejudice against private schools and based on ignorance about the huge amount of brilliant partnership work that happens now.

"Clearly someone has no idea that hundreds of independent schools already have extensive partnerships with local communities and state schools, often much broader than what is being put forward.

"What about Holyport College near Windsor, a new state-funded day and boarding school established in partnership with Eton College in 2014?

"What about Wellington Academy, a state-funded day and boarding school in Wiltshire set up in partnership with Wellington College?

"Holyport and Wellington are fantastic examples of really meaningful partnership work between private and state schools happening now, and forcing action in very specific areas through law is the wrong approach."

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