Organised trips advice for boarding schools
17th November 2015

Organised trips advice for boarding schools

16 November 2015

Following the terrorist incidents in Paris last week the BSA are issuing the following guidance to member schools regarding overseas trips and excursions:

In line with UK Government advice member schools are advised to exercise caution in public places and follow the advice of local authorities in the country of your visit.  The safety of pupils should always be the number one priority and we therefore recommend members to ensure all safeguarding and trips policies are up-to-date and strictly adhered to.  At all times and especially in light of current international incidents all staff involved in leading trips should be familiar with emergency protocol and if in doubt should consult the Head of School or BSA for further guidance.  

Schools may also wish to take into account the view of parents and may need to reassess the viability of certain educational trips given recent events.  It is also advised that the leaders of any trips contact your travel provider and school travel insurance companies to ensure the trip is still viable. 

On behalf of the boarding community, the BSA would like to offer their deepest condolences to all those affected around the world, including Paris and Syria, who are affected by acts of terrorism and religious extremism. 

Further information:

1. Government Travel Advice – France, issued 16 November 2015

On Friday 13 November, a number of terrorist incidents took place in Paris resulting in widespread casualties. British nationals are advised to exercise caution in public places and follow the advice of the local authorities. French authorities have heightened security measures due to a risk of further attacks. The advice of the Paris Police is currently to keep movement around town to a minimum. Systematic border control checks have been implemented at all entry points into France. A national state of emergency and a three-day period of mourning have been declared (14-16 November). Public gatherings, the flying of drones and use of fireworks in the Ile de France region (Paris and surrounding area) have been prohibited.  Visit for the full travel advice from the UK Government.


2. Government advice on health and safety covering activities that take place on or off school premises, including school trips


3. For further information and guidance, please contact the Boarding Schools’ Association (BSA)

T. +44 (0)20 7798 1580

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